Giveaway from Jackalo, Pep Soap Co., & Bebemoss


You could win a $100 gift card to Jackalo; a self-care bundle with 10 bars of natural soap, an organic bamboo bath pouf, and a set of reusable organic makeup remover pads from Pep Soap; and a $100 gift card from BebeMoss. That's over a $300 value!!

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Jackalo, Pep Soap, and BebeMoss
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Jackalo- long-lasting playclothes for active kids
Pep Soap is formulated to be mild and gentle on your skin with clean subtle scents from plant-based essential oils (not synthetic fragrances)
Bebemoss is a line of handmade organic crochet toys. All our stuffed animals are made by a group of mothers from disadvantaged communities, many being refugees.