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Our Story

Strong enough for active kids, gentle on the environment

At Jackalo,
We make clothes for explorers, adventurers, tinkerers, and thinkers.
We make clothes for kids who climb trees, play in the mud, skate, build, and read.
We make clothes for kids who are brave, who are trying to be brave, who are finding themselves every day.

We believe in play.
We believe in buying less, buying better, and making it last.
We believe in repairing and hand-me-downs.
We believe in leaving the world a better place for our kids, your kids, and their kids.
We believe in changing the way we look at the world, at our clothes, and the impact we have.
We believe in teaching our children to be kind people, who make choices that benefit not just themselves, but others. Even if they never meet that person.

And while we do this,
We think about our impact.
We strive to make choices that are better for people and planet.
We focus on durable design and on materials that strike the balance between being strong and comfortable.
We think about families and what they need. We support families in need.

Jackalo is not another clothing brand.
We are on a mission to do better, make better clothes, and change the way we buy and use children’s clothes for a better planet and a better world.
Join us.

 About Our Founder

Jackalo crew

Jackalo was founded by mother, maker and long-time environmentalist Marianna Sachse.

Marianna was always happy to receive hand-me-downs for her kids, but noticed that they petered out as her son grew bigger. Kids are notoriously rough on their clothes—their pants don’t last a month, let alone an entire school year, without rips in the knees. The waste from these trashed clothes adds up and costs parents unnecessary time and money. Plus, fashion is one of the largest polluting industries in the world.

After years of frustration with the clothing options for her active older son, and a total lack of hand-me-downs for his little brother, Marianna founded Jackalo to bring back old-fashioned quality to kids clothing.

Jackalo makes clothes strong enough for active kids that are also gentle on the environment.

Playclothes made better.