Circular Children’s Fashion Innovator, Jackalo, Strengthens Strategic Direction with Formation of Advisory Board

WASHINGTON, DC – June 15, 2023 – Jackalo, America’s first circular children’s fashion brand, announces the formation of its advisory board with the appointment of distinguished experts with extensive expertise in fashion, sustainability, marketing, and law. The addition of these accomplished professionals further strengthens Jackalo's strategic direction and positions the company for continued growth and success in the circular children's fashion market.

"We are delighted to welcome these esteemed experts to our advisory board," said Marianna Sachse, Founder and CEO of Jackalo. "Their collective wisdom and diverse expertise will play a pivotal role in shaping Jackalo's future and amplifying our commitment to sustainability. Together, we will expand the reach of circular fashion for kids, offering high-quality, durable, and eco-friendly clothing while making a positive impact on the planet."

The advisory board will help shape Jackalo's strategies, drive innovation, and foster sustainable practices throughout the organization. With their guidance, Jackalo aims to secure its first Seed round and further demonstrate the potential for children's clothes to last forever through circularity.

Jodi Susman, CMO of clean tech company Budderfly and a member of the advisory board, stated, "Jackalo is poised to make a profound impact on children's fashion and the environment through its unwavering commitment to circularity. By directly addressing the issue of fashion waste and promoting sustainable practices Jackalo actively reduces clothing waste and promotes responsible disposal. Jackalo is on course to significantly minimize the environmental footprint associated with children's fashion and pave the way for a more sustainable industry."

Cynthia Power, former director of EILEEN FISHER Renew, shared her excitement about Jackalo's circular approach, stating, "I'm thrilled about Jackalo because circularity is ingrained in their foundation. Marianna's vision and dedication to creating quality children's clothes that can be repaired, resold, and recycled are leading the way for the future of fashion."

Jackalo's advisory board comprises esteemed members who bring valuable expertise and perspectives to the table:

  • Carol Sutton Lewis,  award winning podcaster and parenting expert. She serves on the board of Stanford Law School, and on the Common Sense Media Education Advisory Board.
  • Kristina Libby,  former Chief Science Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of AI-company Hypergiant. Previously she was an NYU and University of Florida business and marketing professor. 
  • Cynthia Power, owner of Molte Volte LLC, former director of  EILEEN FISHER Renew
  • Jodi Susman, CMO at Budderfly, America’s Leading Energy Efficiency company, former CMO of Penthera

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About Jackalo: 

Jackalo is at the forefront of combating children's clothing waste, an urgent issue with 85% of textiles ending up in landfills. As America's first circular kid’s clothing brand, Jackalo employs an innovative approach by designing children's clothes that outlast the national average, implementing a buyback program to refurbish and resell them, and responsibly recycling those that cannot be resold. By embracing this circular model, Jackalo significantly reduces waste in the children's clothing industry, fostering a more sustainable future.

Jackalo's innovative practices and commitment to sustainability have gained widespread acclaim, as recognized by Forbes, NASDAQ, The Washington Post, Motherly, Romper, and more. Jackalo designs clothes that children love, ensure durability, and promotes circularity, allowing the business to make a tangible difference in reducing textile waste. Jackalo strives to create a positive impact and pave the way for change within the children's clothing industry, setting a new standard for environmentally-conscious fashion.


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