Care & Repair

Washing Machine


Did you know that 75-80% of the lifecycle impact of clothing comes from washing and drying? 
We do our best to reduce the environmental impact of your Jackalo clothes by sourcing sustainable fibers and keeping production close to home. But the rest is up to you!

Here are some laundry tips that will help make your Jackalo clothes last. No stains? Don’t wash them, just air them out or put them back in the closet. Teach your kids to inspect for stains before clothes go in the hamper.

If the clothes are visibly dirty, we recommend:

  • Pre-treat stains with an eco-friendly treatment like oxygen bleach  or castile soap—even 15 minutes to an hour can make a big difference! Or soak overnight for bigger stains.
  • Wash in cool water.
  • Air dry. To maintain color, you may want to air-dry in the house or in a shady spot outside. The sun is great for bleaching out stains, but it can also fade dark fabrics. If you dry outdoors in full sun, dry darker clothes inside-out and bring them inside quickly to limit fading.
  • A note on machine drying- your Jackalo clothes can go in the dryer, but this is the part of laundry that has the biggest impact on the environment and causes the most damage to your clothes over time. Whenever possible we recommend air-drying your Jackalo clothes. If you must machine dry, keep your dryer on a lower temperature to reduce the damage and energy consumption.


We believe in making #lovedclotheslast. If it is worth investing in, it is worth repairing. Parents are busy and may not have the time or skills to do repairs. That’s why we offer free repairs (minus the costs of shipping) on all Jackalo products within the first six months of purchase.

We also believe repairing is an act of love that can teach valuable lessons for your kids about the environment and their investments. Why not keep a pile of items to be repaired and save them to do over family movie night or when the grownups are binge-watching the latest Netflix series.

If you want to learn to repair, we’ve got you covered.