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March 03, 2019 1 min read

Like a scavenger hunt, this walk is a time for you to find things. But, on this walk, you don’t need to check any boxes or pick anything up (unless you want to.) The focus here is for you as individuals, a family, or friends to connect with one another and the world around you. It is a mindfulness exercise that can be a great introduction to walking meditation for kids and adults alike.

Encourage your crew to be as quiet as possible, so that you can hear all the sounds of your environment. Plan to walk for at least 10 minutes. If your group can keep going, by all means walk for longer! Don't worry about how far you go, little kids especially may not go far. There can be a lot to see right where you start!

Sign up below to get a free download to guide you on your walk. You don’t need anything other than this download, but if you like paper and drawing tools can be useful at the end.

Take a break from social media during this walk, but feel free to take pictures of the things you see or collect and share them with us afterwards using the hashtag #noticingwalk. We'd love to hear about what you noticed!

*After I started creating this guided walk, I decided to look into whether this was a "thing". It turns out, it is! Health Powered Kids, a resource by Allied Health, talks about noticing walks as well! I love that the concept is springing up in different places. 😀