January 27, 2023 2 min read

I'll admit it, I can sometimes be a Valentine's Day Scrooge. I'm not into the over-consumption of the holiday, and the wastefulness of school Valentines. I'm all for showing love to friends and family though. I'd just like to do it in a more thoughtful way, that leaves behind less waste. That's why Valentine's crafts are some of my favorite ways to get gifting with my kids. And to be honest, we are often doing it last minute. So, here are 5 adorable Valentine's crafts, that would make perfect gifts for friends at school, or anyone your kid wants to show a little extra love to.

1) Bee Mine

This sweet little Bee will make any kid smile. And with just some craft paper and glue, you've got a simple project for little hands. Perfect for working on those scissor skills!

2. Salt Dough Love Notes

I love homemade doughs for play, and salt dough is great to dry into sweet little hearts. Use nature walks to gather pine cones, seed pods, branches and more to decorate them!

3. Upcycled Hand-warmers

This one is a little involved, so maybe not something you'd give to a whole classroom, but a perfect gift for your kiddo to make walking to school a little more pleasant on chilly days!

4. Valentine's Bird Feeder

A yummy treat for our feathered friends. Put these outside your window so that your kids can track the birds that come by! 

5. Heart Stamps (and more!)

Using the trash we all have around, this is a clever way to make little heart stamps for cards. I love the reuse of old book pages, too. That's a great way to upcycle old books kids books that have fallen apart!