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What's your Jackalo style?

Classic Kiddo

Your kid is above the trends. You want them to look great and be able to mix and match their wardrobe without difficulty. You'll love our classic colors that go with any style.

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Child wearing Jackalo's Jo dress in Berry

Brave and Bold

Perfect for the kid that loves to make a statement, and still loves to play. They'll love our colors and styles that stand out from the pack (while still being classic enough to avoid the cycles of trends!)

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Strong, yet Sensitive

Perfect for your sensitive kiddos. Kids with sensory sensitivity or just your average fan of sweatpants will love our lined styles that have the SOFTEST organic cotton lining as well as our cords. They feel like sweats, but look more like "school clothes", making parents and kids happy.  

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I'm a Grownup, Dammit!

We lead the way for a sustainable future for the next generation by caring for the environment with our purchases. Our sustainable styles will make you feel good about your purchases, and look good, too!

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