From our founder

I wanted to share a bit about me and how I started Jackalo. I’m a maker, a mother, an ideas person, and a professional problem-solver.

As the mom of two active kids, I’m more than familiar with the destruction a kid can inflict on their clothes. And like many parents, I’ve been increasingly frustrated by the quality of children’s clothing. Our big kid routinely rips his pants and wipes peanut butter on them. He can’t stand stiff or structured clothes that hold him back. I looked everywhere for his new favorite pants, but found that nothing fit the bill — cheap or spendy.

Sure, it’s easy to find sweatpants, but those rarely last long. And, most troubling, how do I know that the clothes weren’t produced by children, or in an environment-destroying factory? The fashion industry is notoriously dirty and cloaked in mystery.

After years of being annoyed at the developing holes, I decided who better to find a solution to this problem than a parent who likes to make things and (ahem) solve problems?

So I started Jackalo, with a mission to make playclothes better — better for kids, better for the environment, and better for the folks that make the clothes.

And as a problem solver, I always want to know your pain-points with your kids’ clothing. Whether it be by email or Instagram, I want to hear from you. Join our conversation and help us tailor Jackalo to all families’ needs.

Thanks for your support!