February 22, 2019 1 min read

When I'm looking to slow things down and simply life with kids, Zöe Kim is one of my go-to resources. I came across her on Instagram, but she is so much more than a social media presence. She wrote the book Minimalism for Families and blogs regularly on Raising Simple. Recently, she highlighted Jackalo in how she makes a sustainable and ethical wardrobe for her kids.  She says,

In my early years of motherhood, I didn’t give much thought to the clothes I purchased for my kids (or myself!). After simplifying my kids’ wardrobe, and bagging up the excess, I knew I needed to make some changes. I wanted my kids’ wardrobe to be more sustainable and ethical.

At Jackalo, they focus on durable design that strikes a balance between strong and comfortable. My boys would wear their pants every. Single. Day. if I let them.

And her kiddos, clearly do enjoy their Jackalo pants. I love this moment between her boys. This is what it's about: chilling with your brother and just having fun. 

Two kids laying on the grown with their legs up the wall, wearing Jackalo.

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