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October 31, 2023 2 min read

With Winter around the bend, now is a great time to pull out some snuggle-ready blankets. I’ve always loved how European cafes give out blankets so you can stay cozy outside longer, so think of these ideas as ones to help you stay cozy inside or out. Shopping your linen closet is always the most eco-friendly first step, but if you need to boost your blanket collection, here are some of my favorite ethically sourced blankets and throws from minority and women-owned businesses!

Made Trade

Made Trade is owned by Cayley Pater and run by herself and her husband to provide ethically sourced home wares. They also work with POC-owned businesses to promote more diversity in the environmentally responsible goods space, which can be hard to find.  

Shop their quilts>>


Organic Hemp Knit Blanket

Rawganique, based in Blaise, WA, specializes in cruelty-free hemp products. This hemp blanket is one of the more affordable options at $99, but is perfect for wrapping up on the couch on these cool Winter nights. 

Shop this blanket>>

Paris West


Paris West, founded by Bria Bergman and Jessica Casper, combines traditional baby Alpaca fibers with modern knitting techniques to create soft and stunning throws and scarves. I’ve personally had one of their scarves for years and I love it. I can only imagine how cozy one of their throw blankets would be. They choose Alpaca wool because these animals are well known for being light on the Earth— not overgrazing or compacting the soil like cashmere goats (and they have wool that’s on par with the softness cashmere is known for.) Their wool is sourced from Peru, and their blankets are knit in Brooklyn. 

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54Kibo, founded and owned by Nana Quagraine of Ghana and South Africa, boasts a roster of employees with countless ties to Africa. The designs are authentic, designed and woven by members of the African diaspora, and sometimes woven by artisans living in Ethiopia, like this gorgeous 100% organic cotton throw. 

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Bolé Road Textiles


Bolé Road Textiles was founded by Ethiopia native Hana Getachew, who was inspired by the beautiful Ethiopian designs and textiles. Bolé Road merges those textiles with Getachew’s interior design career. All their products are handwoven by artisans in Ethiopia. This ultra-soft cotton throw offers physical comfort to you, and financial comfort to traditional weavers who might otherwise be stiffed by malicious business practices. 

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Quick tips
1. Shop your closet first. What do you have at home that you can pull out and show some love this winter? 
2. Prioritize organic and natural fibers. Look at organic cotton, linen, hemp, and alpaca as great durable, comfortable, and climate-friendly fabrics.
3. Share.  Look for something large enough that you and your honey or little ones can cozy up under together.