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Jackalo on Junior Style London

Posted by Marianna Sachse on

Jackalo on Junior Style London

Playing in Jackalo by Natasha Bridges

Organic playclothes at work in the British countryside

Junior Style London highlights both edgy and approachable styles in children’s clothing. I’ve long followed the work of one of their contributors Natasha Bridges. Natasha lives in Shropshire, in the British countryside where the landscape looks almost out of an Andrew Wyeth painting. She captures her son Oak at play in the magical fields — a perfect match for Jackalo. In this photo essay, Oak and his friend Josh clown about on an abandoned snow plow. Just what a couple of daredevils enjoy most. Oak is wearing our Mac coverall and Josh has on our lined Ash pants in anthracite

From Natasha:

Playing in their daredevil ways, with the happy echoes of countless times of laughter and warmth as their youthful spirits rise with each jump, it is really important their clothing will withstand the rough and tumble of carefree fun with some gentle ethical love thrown into the mix.
An ethos which runs true to Jackalo™ founder and beautiful soul Marianna Sachse, who made it paramount to design meticulously constructed, sustainable, and ethical play clothes for kids with longevity and comfort at its core.
Serious play in Jackalo by Natasha Bridges

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