June 22, 2022 2 min read

Cheap kids clothes aren't really cheap. Either they fall apart or they pollute the planet or BOTH. But how do you find kids clothes that are actually worth the cost? 

Picture this, it was several years back, and my 6 year-old came home from school with YET ANOTHER rip in his pants. I counted it, three pairs of pants wasted in a matter of weeks, that was about $150 down the drain.

I KNEW there had to be way to make kids clothes last longer than a measly few weeks and still be comfortable for sensitive kiddos.  

That's why I started Jackalo. Here's how we do things different, and why it's ABSOLUTELY worth it...

(TL:DR: With great design, attention to details, our repair and tradeUP program we actually save you money in the long-run.)

Three pairs of ripped pants

Kids want to play hard, and their clothes should let them.

Our clothes are designed for play.

See for yourself what makes them so loved by kids and parents alike.

It's not rocket science 🚀, it's just good design. 🤓

Details of what makes Jackalo pants last

5 Ways We Make High Value Kids Clothes

With good design, we can make kids clothes last, and ensure that kids actually want to wear them. Here's what we do that will win you and your kid over:

  1. Ditch those elastic/button things at the hip. Kids hate them and will often refuse to wear clothes with them. That's why we use elasticated waists with a functional drawstring.
  2. Extra durable seams that are sewn flat so they don't bother kids
  3. Reinforce the knees so kids can play
  4. Add extra length so kids have room to grow (over an inch of extra length in the leg for most of our styles!)
  5. Use organic fabrics that get softer with age while still being strong
Because of these details our clothes will last your kid, on average, twice as long as mass-market clothes.

And if they don't? We'll fix it for free (we just ask you to pay postage.)

To top it all off, when they do outgrow the clothes, you can send them back to us (regardless of condition!) and we'll give you a discount on your next order!

That's actually money in your wallet, and mental load saved. You know:

✔️ where to get clothes that will last

✔️what to do if something happens, and

✔️what to do when they're outgrown.

Like our other customers, you'll agree that it IS worth it. 

Text from happy customer sharing that Jackalo pants are their kid's only pants without holes

(Text from an actual customer! Texts like this make my day!)

Are you ready to be this happy?