8 mom-friendly sustainable swim brands

April 26, 2023 5 min read

Updated April 26, 2023

Looking for a sustainable swim suit for this summer? We've done the work to find bathing suits that work for moms from brands that care about the environment. If you are ready to make a sustainable choice for your swimwear, then this guide is for you!

The BEST Sustainable Swim Brands for Women (and Moms in particular)

Finding swimwear is hard, period. But when you add in the fact that you want something sustainable, that allows you to run after kiddos, and makes you feel sexy—it feels damn near impossible. I have ONE bathing suit that I love, and have worn religiously since my youngest was born. After four years of regular wear, it is starting to fade. So I figured it was time to get another swimsuit that I actually like, and will wear without fear of a wardrobe malfunction.

A few notes on what I’m looking for in a suit:
1. Use of sustainable materials (recycled poly/Econyl or deadstock fabric)
2. Top that has support (I’m a 34DD up top so I’m not messing with triangle tops)
3. A bottom that doesn’t show my whole ass, preferably a high rise.

Here are the suits that piqued my interest from brands that care about the environment.


Thief and Bandit

Thief and Bandit does all of their textile design in house, uses Econyl fabric, and manufactures vertically in Nova Scotia. The products may take a little longer to get to you, but that’s because they do limited production runs and often custom make orders. I love that their floral prints don't feel saccharine at all!

Sizes XS-4X
Price $$$
Production Canada

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Mirame x Av

Sustainable fashion destination, Av Lumi, partnered with Mirame to create a small line of mom-friendly swimwear from deadstock fabric.

Their bikini checks all of the boxes: high waist, full coverage butt, top that has sex appeal and support (plus the top is reversible!) This is a perfect style for running after kids and still looking (and, more importantly, feeling!) hot.

Sizes S-L
Price $$$
Production: USA

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Of One Sea

This mom-designed line uses Econyl fabric and has great designs for the whole active family (um, beach family photoshoot anyone? This would be perfect!) I love their high waisted bikini and their cut-out one-pieces. 

Most of their suits are reversible, and because of this they don’t have pads in boob region (which also makes them more sustainable— not only do you get two suits in one, but I’ve literally never met a swimwear or lingerie designer that has found a truly sustainable source for padding.) But, if you know you’ll only wear one side and you need extra support, they do sell a pad kit so that you can add pads in yourself. Their sizing instruction could use a little work. They said I'd be a "curvy" at a 34DD, which I didn't really believe. I tried a Medium top and it fits fine with the proper coverage, I think the curvy would be too big.

Sizes XS-Curvy Plus (Curvy plus fits size 18+)
Price $$
Production: USA

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Stay Wild

This bathing suit is more than just a piece of swimwear - it's a masterpiece of design that has the power to make you feel great while letting you be active. With its ability to withstand cold water swims or surfing, this one-piece wonder is not only stylish but versatile.  One thing that sets Stay Wild Swim apart is their commitment to inclusivity and accessibility is simply inspiring. They offer free alterations for those with prosthetic limbs or physical disabilities and even sew in pockets for those recovering from breast cancer surgery. This takes inclusivity a new level. 

Sizes 6-24 (note that this is British sizing, which is slightly smaller than American)
Price $$$
Production: London

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Aava Swim

This brand leads with sustainability, which is always a favorite for me. What makes them stand out, however, is their femme, flirty styles, which you don’t usually see in a sustainable swimwear brand. All of their suits are made from recycled ocean plastic, and fairly sewn.

Get ready to turn heads with this stunning two-piece swimsuit! The intricate print is truly one-of-a-kind, making it the perfect statement piece for any beach or poolside outing. The colors are also incredibly flattering on all skin tones. The top and bottom can be mixed and matched with other pieces in your swimwear collection, giving you endless possibilities for creating the perfect look. Plus, the high-quality materials used in its construction ensure that it will last for many summers to come.

Sizes XS-3XL
Price $$
Production: Turkey

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You Swim

This brand was recommended by customer and friend Libby Newell, who loves their swim shorts. I love the fact that the ribbing on this suit means your body can change sizes and the suit still works. Because our bodies change, right? They boast that each suit is seven sizes in one. How amazing is that? 

Their suits don’t have extra support for larger breasts, but they will fit them. If you need more support this may not be the brand for you.

This company does not explicitly say that they use recycled yarn, but the innovation of the flexible sizing kind of makes up for that if you really keep the suit in use for a long time. Plus, they are all produced ethically in England.

Sizes one size fits US 2-14
Price $$$
Production: England

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Surf-brand Seea makes bathing suits that feel like a hug from the 1960s. Their vintage styling is on point, even with some of the pointy boob-style tops (why are these so cute? I don’t get it, but I love it!) I wouldn’t be surprised to see Betty Draper sporting one of their two pieces on the set of Mad Men. 

As a surf-first company, they also think about what works for running around, and have plenty of higher-coverage options like shorts and rash guards. Much of their collection is made in Repreve (recycled poly) or Ecoynyl, so they’ve got the sustainable fibers down. Get ready for some beach blanket bingo, in their adorable suits!

Sizes XS-XL
Price $$$
Production: Made in California

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This brand is known for their prints which are bold, fun, and a bit on the hippie side. While they have great bikini styles, my favorite isuit of theirs is an 8-in-1 one-piece swimsuit that is reversible, can be worn forwards or backwards, and can be tied with a bow at the bust or not.

Sizes XS-XL
Price $$$
Production: Ethically made in China

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Honorable Mention

The Swap Society is now accepting swimwear for swapping! Some folks out there might not be cool with second-hand swimwear, but with a good wash it is perfectly sanitary! Send your suits that you no longer love to them so they can build up their stock!