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How to Avoid Harmful Plastic From Clothes

We already know that plastics in kids clothe are a problem for the environment, and potentially their health. I know that it seems all but impossible to avoid plastic clothes for your kids, but I promise, it’s not always painful! And if you can’t eliminate them entirely, there are some great harm reduction strategies. Here’s how we at Jackalo recommend getting started:

Uncovering the Truth About PFAS

Uncovering the Truth About PFAS

March 17, 2023

What do parents need to know about forever chemicals in order to protect their children? In this post, we’ll break down what forever chemicals are, what PFAS means and what they are used for, where you can find PFAS in the home (and where your kids play), the harmful effects of PFAS, and how you can limit exposure.
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DIY Valentine's Gift

5 Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Crafts

January 27, 2023

Looking for eco-friendly Valentine's Crafts for your kids? Here are five fun, beautiful, and easy crafts that everyone will love. Let's make less waste this Valentine's Day and make something fun with or for your kids!
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What's Up With TradeUp? - Jackalo

What's Up With TradeUp?

January 19, 2023

Curious about our TradeUp program? Well, I went live to talk about it! Check our IGTV where I explain it all!
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