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Wear, play, return: we buy back your outgrown Jackalo clothes!



Our organic cotton is farmed under the most stringent certification possible—it is both GOTS and IVN BEST certified. It is grown in Kyrgyzstan and Uganda, where the farming practices support the local economy with fair wages and a strong focus on building local sustainable agriculture knowledge. In Uganda, the local farms are supported by the Gulu Agricultural Development Company, which has partnered with leaders in sustainable agriculture development including Acumen, Mercy Corps, Root Capital. In Kyrgyzstan, the farmers are supported by the Swiss aid organization Helvetas, which provides education in organic farming practices.

Milling, Weaving & Finishing

The cottons are then milled, woven, and processed by Elmer & Zweifel, a German manufacturer with a strong commitment to natural fibers, the environment, and fair labor practices.

The cotton farming and fabric production are all fair trade certified with the Fair for Life standard from the Swiss Institute for Marketecology (IMO).


The garments are manufactured in Portugal, where there is a long history of skilled craftspeople manufacturing clothing and strong labor laws that support workers.