July 18, 2018 2 min read

Boy with arms crossed wearing the Mac coverall in Engineer's Stripe, he's standing against a brick wall.
It's been a minute since my crowdfunding campaign ended, so you may have been wondering what's up. Well, first, I took a much needed break (a little flu "gently" told me it was time to rest!). And then I got right back to the grindstone getting this production process going. 
Now that I've had a couple of weeks since the campaign ended, I've had some time to reflect. I'll admit, I was pretty nervous about doing a crowdfunding campaign. The data isn't great. Depending on the platform, 70% fail to reach their goal. That's pretty rough. But, starting a clothing line is expensive, and requires a lot of up-front investment. Pre-selling as many products as you can is not only a great way to get the funds needed for the orders, but also helps way provide an indication of what products people like.
I'm thrilled at how many products from Jackalo's initial collection are already sold, and I can't wait to see your kids (and a few of your grown-ups, too) in my clothes! 
Now that the campaign is done, I wanted to let you know that things are moving! I've put in the production order and ordered the fabric. I'm reviewing sample hang tags, and lining up shipping and fulfillment. There are a ton of moving parts, but so far they are all moving in the right direction. 
A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to and shared the campaign. All of your support has made this possible. My friend Kevin commented that it has really been a family affair--so many of my campaign contributors are friends and family. This reflects the reality for women-led businesses generally--our funding is less likely to come from venture capital or banks, and more likely to come from friends and family. It means so much to me that you all are standing behind me and my company and rooting for Jackalo to succeed. We are out to make sure you feel good about how you dress your kids, and with your support we've just taken a big step forward.
Lots of love,