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If this week is any indication, all of our magical thinking to make 2021 better than 2020 is maybe going to take a little longer to get working than previously hoped.  I remain enraged and saddened. If you do too, I see you and I'm with you.  In the midst of the insanity, glimmers of hope remain real (thank you Stacey Abrams,  thank you Georgia voters, thank you everyone sharing publicly that they are getting the vaccine!) 

With all of the worry and the sleep disruptions it causes, I'm reminded this week of the importance of rest. I'm feeling a-ok with my decision to not "jump" into 2021 with a ton of energy, but to ease in slowly. This year, this winter especially, is going to be long. We need to build up all the energy we can!



How long will it take for this fabric to decompose?

Fabric decomposition

Did you invest in some new clothes over the holidays? Chances are someone on your list got a little something to refresh their wardrobe. But do you know how long it will take for that item to decompose? Find out in our blog post that covers everything from organic cotton (like we use at Jackalo) to sequins. Can you guess which are the winners and losers?

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A Submission to the Book of Radical Answers

The Book of Radical Answers

Did you have a go-to resource when you were heading into puberty? A book that answered your questions? A cool aunt you could turn to? How much of what you learned seems horribly out of date now? Well, the mother of Radical Self-Love herself is now preparing to answer your kids' questions about puberty and the world in her forthcoming book "The Book of Radical Answers." BUT, she needs all of our kids' burning questions! Encourage them to submit their questions to the Book of Radical Answers. If you listened to her on Brené Brown, you know this book will be amazing.

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Nerd out with Huberman Lab Podcast

Huberman Lab Podcast

Raise your hand if you like to get super nerdy? 🙋‍♀️ 🤓 Personally, I love some good brain science. But I especially love it if it gives me some tangible guidance on how I can sleep better and learn more. Dr. Andrew Huberman, my husband's summer camp buddy, has made it his personal mission to make brain science freely accessible to as many people as possible.

He's been breaking down the barriers of academia with his Instagram content for a long time now, but much of what he shares lends itself better to a podcast format. He's finally done it and I'm here for it. Each month he'll dive deep on a different subject. This month he's looking at how we can optimize learning, and a big part of that is with REST! YES. So let's learn to sleep better and learn more. These are bound to be great lessons for our tired selves, but also to help our kids set good habits.

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Quick sustainability tips

1. Join a Buy Nothing group. All over Facebook you can find neighborhood "Buy Nothing" groups. They are a great way to find secondhand items you need and to find folks who will be happy to make a new home for items you no longer need. Make your trash someone else's treasure, and keep it out of the landfill!

2. Recycle food containers to make a propagation station. Envious of all those gram-worthy homes full of plants? Make your existing plants go further (or get some good material for trade) by propagating them! To root your plants, take leftover jars and fill them with water. You can dab a diy rooting hormone of diluted apple cider vinegar on the cut end, or just stick them straight in and put them in the sun. For succulents, fill a takeout container with a mixture of sand, potting soil, and perlite and place the cuttings on top. With some good sun or a grow light, you'll have new plant babies in a matter of weeks.

3. Start planning your spring garden.  Connect with your neighbors to start a seed exchange, putting last year's leftover or saved seeds to use. Got extras to share? Take a note from the Little Free Libraries to start a seed library for your community!

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