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Sometimes you just need to mix things up, right? If you are a regular email subscriber, you know that for about a year I've been sending out Read/Make/Do emails featuring one thing to read, make, and do, for your week. It's been so much fun to share this with you. But over time, I started to wonder if it would be better for this content to be on our blog so you could easily find it. Some of the things I share are time sensitive, but often they aren't -- a good recipe, a craft, a fun activity for your family. So after some thought and discussion with regular readers, here we are: the new home for Read/Make/Do, right here on our blog. As always, I encourage you to share your suggestions for this piece. I want to the serve you as much as possible!


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5 Beautiful, Sustainable Blankets to Warm your Winter

Organic Cotton Naari Patchwork Throw Blanket

With Winter around the bend and Covid still front of mind, every family I know is thinking about how to extend their outdoors time or increase the hygge-factor inside. Here are some of my favorite ethically sourced blankets and throws from minority and women-owned businesses!

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Potato Latkes to Warm Your Evening

Latke recipe

During our four years in the Netherlands, I was surprised to find that potato Latkes were everywhere come the Christmas Market season. What Americans think of a distinctly Jewish tradition, fried potato pancakes are common throughout much of Europe. I found the ones there to be heavier and greasier, leaving a bit of a pit in your stomach. While fried, these potato pancakes have a crispiness anyone can love, without the grease of the European style. I love them with applesauce AND sour cream, though you'll find that most people prefer one or the other (with rather strong opinions about which!)

Make potato latkes


Find Your Local Mutual Aid Society

Mutual Aid Map

With COVID raging, shutdowns increasing, and government support questionable at best, so many more people are suffering. And many of them are right in your community. One of the bright spots that has emerged in this crisis is the rise of Mutual Aid societies to help people right in your community. These collectives support neighbors in need with groceries and other needed supports. Find one near you and help out now.

Find your local Mutual Aid society

Quick sustainability tips

1. Save your leaves. If you haven't bagged them up already, spread them in your garden beds and save some for browns for your compost. Leaf litter is the critical home of tons of caterpillars as they overwinter. We need them for pollinators in the spring! Plus, they'll improve your soil quality.

2. Recycle pizza boxes correctly. Pizza box covered in grease? Sadly it can't be recycled like that. So, rip off the top that doesn't have grease, and recycle that. Then you you can use the bottom for your compost (it's a great brown!) or if you must, put just that grease-covered part in the trash.

3. Join a plant swap group.  Looking to become a plant parent but afraid to spend a lot of money on houseplants you might murder? Join a local plant swap on Facebook. You can share whatever you've got, or plead your case as a newbie and some benevolent plant parent will bestow a cutting on you. The folks in these groups know a TON about plants, so you can always take your plant care questions to them!

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