May 09, 2018 1 min read

There are many great things about your own kids being your business inspiration. You get a great sense of the problem--the giant pile of torn pants showed me quite clearly where there are issues with kids' clothes. And as we moved into product development, it became clear that one of the best benefits of having my kids be the inspiration was product testing.

I have the benefit of an in-house product tester who truly puts each article to the test. He climbs, hikes, plays soccer, and occasionally trips and falls in his Jackalo™️ pants. Each activity (and accident) helps me see where our products are passing the test, and where things need to be changed. With this latest set of samples, I'm loving seeing each pair find a spot in his wardrobe.

After three days (yes, three) in our jersey cotton-lined Ash pants, Elias said he liked them as much as his "other" pants (that is, sweatpants from name-brand companies), he was sheepish and embarrassed. He added, "Is that a bad thing?" Not at all! It's a great thing. I've been very successful finding pants that meet his comfort standards. What's impossible is finding pants that meet that standard and mine: pants that last, look good, and are produced ethically and sustainably. Now, we've got pants that meet both his standards and mine. And I can't wait for your kiddos to put them to the test. 

More soon,