March 12, 2018 2 min read

Hey folks!

I just wanted to share a quick update on where things are with Jackalo™. As I’m sure you know, starting a clothing line is a serious challenge, even for someone with years of experience in the fashion industry. But I’m 100% an outsider. So what’s that like for someone like me? Hard. But luckily, I’m a super nerd. 🤓 I love to learn about every detail of design, production and why the fashion industry has oh-so-many problems. The more I learn, the more I hone my vision for how Jackalo™ will be a different company: a company that cares about the impact our clothes have and makes it easier for parents to clothe their kids without guilt.

So, a lot of what has been happening is research and learning from peers. Research on materials, suppliers, and working conditions. Research to understand who is doing fashion well, and how I can learn lessons from them. I’ve been connecting with others who are starting fashion lines, people who have been there before, and experts who can point me in the right direction.

But alongside this research and connecting has been a ton of creation. Over the summer I had two styles in development and samples made of both of them. Our tester-in-chief, my eight-year-old Elias, has been wearing his Jackalo™ pants frequently and putting them to the test on the playground and on the road (see above pic of him sporting them during our travels this past December in Thailand.) So far the results are good. I’ve tweaked the original styles and now have five more styles that are in the works. Patterns and samples are being made. And I’m getting seriously excited to see how they look, what’s working and what needs to change.

I also *think* I’ve nailed down my fabric. (Don’t want to speak too soon. Fingers crossed it looks great and wears well in the samples!) The process of picking a fabric was its own long story, which I’ll save for another day.

So, more to come!

Thanks so much for your support,